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 I want them to be set up for success ahead of time.

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 I am want to get the help of a expert so there is no guess work...

 I'm ready to invest into my child's education because they only get one shot at this.


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We Don’t Believe In Instant Or Guaranteed Result Programs. We Believe In Hard Work, Adding Value And Serving Others. And That’s What Our Programs Are Designed To Help You Do. As Stated By Law, We Can Not And Do Not Make Any Guarantees About Your Own Ability To Get Results With Our Ideas, Information, Programs Or Strategies. We Don’t Know You And, Besides, Your Results In Life Are Up To You. Agreed? We’re Here To Help By Giving You Our Greatest Strategies To Move You Forward, Faster. However, Nothing On This Page Or Any Of Our Websites Or Emails Is A Promise Or Guarantee Of Future Success. Any Results Showcased Here, Or On Any Of Our Sites Or Emails, Are Simply Projections Or Past Results, And Should Not Be Considered Exact, Actual Or As A Promise. If You Have Questions, Email 

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A: No question, Whilst there is some tech involved no matter what level you are at the course is designed to help you get everything set up in record time with step by step easy to follow walkthrough trainings.

And that's why we also have unlimited 1:1 coaching with our team so you have a world class support system around you so there is no way you can fail.


A:  We generally work with tutors for 13 weeks initially. While building your online tutoring business is really a 5-10 year journey if your goal is to impact thousands of students like our top clients.

Your commitment today is a 13-week one. 

That will allow us the time needed to help you have all the systems in place to build a profitable tutoring business for the future.

We do have other extensive coaching programs for tutors really looking to scale to 7 figures and beyond and if that is a good fit for you then we can talk about that on a call. But there are certain qualifications you need to meet before we would discuss that. 

For now let's focus on what's most important. Building you a proven student acqusition system into your business over the next 13 weeks.

Q : HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO join the program?

A:  Great question! Just having access to a credit card doesn't mean you can join our coaching program. 

The Students on Demand System is invitation only and a credit card doesn’t get you automatically in. 

We only want to work with tutors who we can actually help win big with this system. We only want the best for you, our existing clientele, and our team. ⁣

Which is why I recommend to book a call with our team (completely free) and there's also nothing to buy on that call. You couldn't even buy if you begged them. 

The first step is to make sure clear if this is the right system for you and explain what everything would look like if we decided to work together moving forward so you can make an educated and empowered decision for the future of your business 

From there our team will help you build out a personlaised plan for your business and go through all the information of what it would look liek for you personally to start getting the results you crave.

Q : whIch country does this program work best for?

A:  It doesn't matter. We work with tutors all over the world. The majority of our clients though are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

But what we teach would work anywhere in the world. 

Actually it would be an advantage to implement what we teach in your country. 

Because the only tutors implementing what we teach are the ones we work with. So you are going to be immediately ahead of your competition when it comes to attracting your dream students for tutoring.

Q : do i have to be good at sales?

A:  No, not necessarily. But I will say that developing your sales skills is the fastest way to increase your income. 

In our program, you will get access to our word for word group grand slam offer script that you can just read out. 

One of our clients used this exact script to bring in 225 students in one month with a 100% close rate.

With everything we give you inside the program when it comes to sales we could easily create a separate course and charge $10,000+ for it. 

But, of course, you get access to it when you join our program. Along with a full sales call library with recordings from other tutors selling tutoring over the phone for $2k+ so you can see exactly what it looks like in real life.

With these tools at your disposal, your potential is limitless. With all that said, though, we even have tutors who have a team taking sales calls for them already when they start working with us and once they give their team these scripts and tools their results are explosive.

Q : how do i know if i have the time to commit to this?

A:  Really? If you are asking that question this probably isn't for you. But here's my answer anyway.

As a father of two kids, (soon to be 3) all under age 5, I totally understand your concern. But here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start or focus on growing your business. One of our top female tutors is a single mum with only 1 extra hour to spare during the day, but it’s actually an ADVANTAGE — because now she is forced to focus on only the money-making activities.

So yes, you can absolutely do this with young kids and/or with a full time job. You will simply need to work smarter, not harder. We will show you how.

In our coaching program, we believe in the F.I.O., Figure It Out along the way strategy, or in other words, commit first, figure out the rest later. Because as the tutoring industry only gets more crowded, expensive and noisy, waiting will cost you time and money.

Bottom line: Successful people do not negotiate their dreams around circumstances, which makes right now as good a time as any to get started.

Q : IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE to sell group tutorinG online for $2K+?

A:  Yes! And to give you a glimpse of what is possible with our program, we have a tutor charging their students $2,000 for just 12 weeks of group tutoring with elementary students who want to learn to read.
How can they charge those fees?

Simple. They went through our premium positioning protocol - just one of the systems we help you with inside our program.
You see, when prospects are considering investing in your tutoring service, they look to “perceived value.” And perceived value comes down to your ability to both deliver value AND to communicate and command your value!
So while you may very well be the world’s smartest tutor and have years of experience, in today’s day and age, you need to be even better at marketing your services. In our coaching program we will turn you into a marketing machine.


A: Yes we do! We believe in what we offer that much we are willing to stick our money where our mouth is!

We guarantee you’ll make a return on investment in 90 days from the day you start working with us or we’ll buy you an extra 13 weeks of coaching until you do… 

Paid for by us. ⁣So there is literally no risk whatsoever.

The only risk is you continuing to do what you are doing now and trying to figure everything out alone. Which means you'll be spending your most expensive currency 'time' which never replenishes.


A: Absolutely. We work with tutors who implement these strategies to huge success both online and in-person. 

If you are looking for more students this is for you.


A: Nope. Here’s the simple truth: If you’re not confident enough to bet on yourself after the results we've shown you on this page, then we're not confident in working with you and betting our time, money, and energy on you either.

I’ve realized over time that success requires attention, risk, and sacrifice. And in removing those three elements, I would be doing you a disservice by positioning you to fail.

Besides, there is nothing else online that has managed to repeatedly produce the results we have done for tutors in every single tutoring niche. 

Free trials is for businesses that have no results to showcase and therefore have no reputation in the marketplace.


A: This really depends on you and your work ethic. Based on experience we expect you to be and running and enrolling students within the first 3 weeks. 

But we have seen tutors enrolling students within their first 7 days. 

We've seen tutors be able to enrol 84 students in 3 weeks. 

But that's because they worked hard and implemented everything. So whilst we don't know you and your commitment. These are the types of results you can expect. If others can do it then so can you.


A: The Students on Demand system is designed to teach you exactly how to acquire more students online for your tutoring business at premium rates. 

So that you have a proven system in place to predictably grow and scale your income whilst impact more students. 

The worst thing in the world is not knowing when you are going to get your next student and this system fixes that issue.

We will teach you how to get your students incredible results which is just as important.


A: 100%!! This strategies work for tutors who want to get started properly and get things correct right from the beginning and also more experienced tutors who want to attract more students. Basically if you are looking for more students this is for you.


A: Or coaching is perfect for all tutors in all subject areas. The main goal is to show you how to get an entire system up that you can use on autopilot once it's up and running to attract more students into your business. 

All of the strategies you will learn can be implemented no matter what subject you teach or your experience level. Just like was mentioned in the Q above.

We have helped tutors starting from complete scratch in their business and we have also helped tutors who already have a 7-figure business.

Wherever you are starting from, what you will learn is not taught anywhere else. So you really are taking the fast-track to success in growing your business.

Q : What iF I need to speak to MY PARTNER before making a decision.

A: I always recommend bringing your business partner, spouse or someone from your inner circle to jump on a call with us and we will get all their questions answered if it is 100% necessary to have your partner’s approval.

After all... You don't want to be on a secret mission and then go and have to ask someones permission to make a decision.

In all seriousness, the only REAL reason you would need to speak with your partner is because they do not trust you. And they do not trust you because they sense deep down that you do not trust yourself.

Let me ask you this: do you ask your partner for permission to buy them a Christmas present or a birthday gift? I’m guessing you don’t. And why not? Probably because they trust you to make this decision.

If you do not believe in yourself to make a decision to be successful, you will always remain stuck. So let's get whoever needs to be involved there right from the beginning so if it looks like we can help you and are able to offer you a spot you are able to make an empowered decision for your future without delay.
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